Friday, July 6, 2012

Print Runner Business Card Review and Giveaway

A lot of you know my situation.  I was married, then I got divorced, and now I am married again.  Woot!  The biggest change that has come from this union, besides the union itself, is that I decided to change my business name.  Scary stuff.

For four years I built my "brand".  I was very Google-able.  People knew how to spell my overly complicated name by year three, even.  I have referrals and my pictures have been blogged over the interwebs and things were GREAT!  Then I decided to change the name of my business.

You see, with the new marriage came a new name and I had no desire to keep using my ex-husband's name any long.  C-man was great with it and even encouraged me to keep using the name, but it's a personal thing that I decided to stop using it completely.  And so I renamed the business.

It's going OK, but with the name change came an entirely different direction for my business.  I now run more of a collective business of photographers.  There are three of us, maybe someday four, and since I'm not always the one doing the most work I didn't see why my name should be the company name anyway!  So no one's name is in the company name.  It works out so much better!

Now, however, I'm back at square one with marketing.  Let me tell you, marketing can be EXPENSIVE!  I had blacked out how much spent when I first started out getting my brand out there and marketing myself like crazy in hopes that someone, somewhere, would see a flier or a business card or a post card and call me up.  I am now back in that place in my life and it's a little scary.

Luckily, I have companies like PrintRunner by my side that I can turn to for all of my marketing help.  Printrunner is an online company that offer many valuable services for the small business owner.  Today I'd like to tell you a bit about their business card!

Here's the thing about business cards these days: Everyone has one.  I feel like I get handed a business card at least a dozen times a month, even more when I'm working a bridal show or something.  I always look at said business cards when I first get handed them and 9 times out of 10 never look at them again.  Sorry, they are not interesting in any way.  If you run a business you MUST MAKE YOUR BUSINESS CARDS INTERESTING!  Period.  If you don't want to do that, don't even bother with business cards.  No one will care.

So, what I love about Printrunner, and something that I find really important when it comes to business cards of photography companies- colored option on both front and back.

At a convention I went to recently the speaker pointed out that the #1 wasted opportunity most business owners make is not putting something of interest on both the front and the back side of the business card.  For a photographer, this means samples of your work.  You can put a gorgeous picture on the front AND one on the back!  Both sides are also UV coated with Printrunner business cards!  That means you can spice up your cards, with color, as well as the important details to find you.  Win-win!

The dozen or so interesting business cards I've been handed from other people are still in my wallet.  I refer to them, from time to time, to be reminded of how MY business cards should look.  At that makes me remember to contact them if I ever need anything from them.  So be that person, not the boring, generic, "here's a template just fill in the blanks" sort of business card holder.  Make people remember you, and start with PrintRunner Business Cards!  They are beautiful and affordable.

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Use the widget below to win a set of 250 2x3.5 business cards with 4/4 color on both sides, 14 pt. UV coating on both sides, and no rounded corners from PrintRunnerA sweet bonus for anyone starting up a business or with an already established one.  This giveaway has a value of over $25!

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Disclaimer: Thank you to PrintRunner for providing us this giveaway, I will receive a set of business cards for hosting this giveaway.

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Mike Nehan said...

Business cards provides overview of business. It should be according to your business type.
Best wishes for your business lady. May Google start recognizing your new name very soon. :)