Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eekonomy Jewelry Review and Giveaway

 Every once in a while I get contacted my a truly unique company that offers truly unique items in a truly unique way.  Eekonomy Jewelry is definitely one of these companies.

First, the company.  Based out of Brooklyn, Eekonomy Jewelry is a rare small business.  It is a business that not only strives to help support the local economy, but one that helps to support the local community.  Eekonomy is a company that strives to empower those in the deaf community by providing them with jobs and a place within the Brooklyn community.  Ola, the owner of Eekonomy Jewelry, says he does this so that his employees do not get the "pity" stigma attached to them.  They can work and prove they are a valuable and much needed asset to the community.  Ola himself is quite the role model for the younger generation.  At only 22 years old he is striving to make this his career and help those in his  community while running an eco-friendly company.

Second, the how.  Eekonomy Jewelry uses recycled wire to make all of their jewelry products.  By recycling wire that is about to be thrown out, Eekonomy saves it from going into another landfill and adding to our nation's garbage problem.  If you've ever lived or spent any time in New York City you will known that it produces a lot of garbage.  To have even one item removed and reused from that garbage is a huge thing there!

Third, the products themselves.  I was honestly blown away by the sample products I received from Eekonomy Jewelry.  As many of you know, I am working at a summer camp this summer and as part of our traditional staff members have to sing for any packages they receive.  I didn't mind singing for this package one bit!  I opened it up at the table of the group of kids I was around all sat there admiring the bracelet and necklace I received and were asking where I got them.  They were the 14 year old girls, a little hard to please, and they were impressed.  That's saying something!

I received a gorgeous bracelet (featured in this image, center), which I've been wearing along with my "Be There" bracelet (Fish! Philosophy, anyone?).  The bracelet features is a bit ocean-themed and I love this bracelet because it reminds me of our beach wedding with the sandal and seahorse and also of nature (which I love) with the leafs.  It's kind of like a charm bracelet, but nicer.  Very well made!  I also received a gorgeous matching necklace that is definitely an eye catcher!  I'm sure many of you can find special meanings attached to many of the pieces available over at Eekolomy Jewelry!

Also available at Eekomy Jewelry are some beautiful and unique earrings that I would totally rock if I had pierced ears and  fun rings that would make a great gift for a child, teen, or adult!  Also be sure to check out the men's selection

Like what you see?  Why not swing over to the Eekonomy Jewlery website and pick up some beautiful, unique jewelry pieces of your very own!  Don't forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates and specials!

We will have THREE winners for this giveaway (woot!).  The winners will win...

Winner #1: Set of rings and a bracelet
Winner #2: Two bracelets
Winner #3: Necklace and a set of rings

To enter use the entry form below.  If you don't see the entry form click on "Read More" at the bottom of this post.  Good luck!

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Crunchy Beach Mama said...

yay a fun giveaway! I clicked in and was again surprised by your new layout. love it!
(hey, entries for a purchase are a no no these days from the ftc laws)

Kelynnma said...

So much to choose from but I love the Green Anchor bracelet!


Jonesy said...

I love the purple sea bracelet!