Monday, June 18, 2012

What a Week!

This last week I...

made new friends.

reconnected with old ones.

learned to drive a bus (OK, it's just a mini bus but it still counts!).

learned a lot about children with autism spectrum disorder and helped a few accomplish goals.

learned a lot about myself in the process.

accomplished some goals myself.

got a million misquito bits and have learned which no-deet bug sprays work best for me (post coming soon!)

had no spare time.

This week I...

will again make new friends.

will again reconnect with old ones.

I will become recertified in CPR and First Aid (in about half an hour!)

will challenge myself.

will challenge others.

will have no spare time.

hopefully won't get many more bug sprays!

Unfortunately, in the past week and in the next week I will have very little free time.  Which means a little more silence on the blog here!  But starting next week I should have some more down time and starting in three weeks I will have more steady internet access.  Yay!  So I apologize now for my silence, but have many great posts in the works.

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