Friday, June 1, 2012

The Wedding Post Part 3 : Portraits and Beyond

After the ceremony we spent some time at Smith Cove taking family portraits.  Then we went up to the Pedro St. James Castle which is further into Grand Cayman to do portraits of just my husband and myself.  A part of me wishes we'd just stayed at Smith Cove, maybe even gone for a swim (yes, in my wedding dress, haha!) but we decided to be tourists a little bit and headed up that way.  I also wish we'd stayed at the castle a little longer and actually toured it since it seemed really interesting.  But we were crunched for time.

After the portraits we went back down to the port area and had lunch at Margaritaville with our photographer and my maid of honor (the only two that went up to Pedro St. James Castle with us).  By visiting that Margaritaville and then the one in Ocho Rios, Jamaica the next day I can now officially say I've been to every Margaritaville on the Caribbean Islands.  Now to just hit up the four in Mexico I haven't been to yet and the... I don't know how many in the US... and I've got them all!

After lunch we returned to the ship to take some portraits around the (mostly) empty ship.  Then that evening we reunited with the rest of our guests for a dinner and the cake cutting.  That pretty much wrapped up our day!  I kept the dress on for most of it, minus the hour or so when I put it in the shower to rinse off all of the sand.  Which, btw, worked quite well to clean the dress!

Once again, a big thanks to Susan from Beautiful Life Photography for our fabulous pics!

 Yeah... we Tebowed!
 My lovely ladies Susan (the photographer) and Em (Maid of Honor)
 Yea... he dropped me!
 Playing with Jack, who is supposedly the only donkey on Grand Cayman.
 At Margaritaville
 I participated in a booty shaking contest... in my dress.  I lost because I don't have a butt.
 But I got my reward for trying.  :)

Well, that's it for the wedding.  It was sweet and simple and I love it.  Up next, a review of the ship and some GIVEAWAYS!!!

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