Friday, June 1, 2012

The Wedding Post Part 2 : The Ceremony

Onward!  We got off of the tender around 10:15AM for our 10:30AM ceremony and actually managed to get to the beach around 10:30.  Although, the wedding still didn't start until 10:40AM.  Ah well, close enough!  It was quick and exactly how I had dreamed it would be.

You see, I've been to lots of weddings.  LOTS of weddings.  I'm a wedding photographer, it's part of the job.  I love weddings, but after a while I just want someone to do something different, really inspiring.  Last summer I got my wish... well, sort of.  You see, I have several associate photographers in my company and sometimes they are the ones who capture the weddings, not me.  That was the case for one of my July 2011 weddings.  But while I don't capture every wedding, I do edit every wedding.  So imagine my surprise when I got the images for this wedding and was greeted by a bride and groom standing in a creek saying their "I Dos".  A WATER WEDDING!  BRILLIANT!

So while I would love to claim that this was an original idea of mine, it is not.  I have to credit Charlotte and Derek for this genius idea.  But I loved it.  We had an early wedding, but I knew it would still be hot and humid and I was wearing a long dress and didn't want to get sweaty.  What a better way to cool off then to get married in the water itself?

The only downside was the waves.  They sort of came and went but there were a few instances where we were tossed around a bit.  But other than that, it was perfect!  Again, thanks to Susan from Beautiful Life Photography for taking these lovely photos of our wedding!

 Everyone gathering at Smith Cove for the ceremony!
 My nephew (sign bearer) and brother (best man) coming down the aisle!
 That sign was my big DIY project for this wedding.  I spent MONTHS on it and redid it about a dozen times.
 My beautiful maid of honor, Em, carrying her button bouquet from Angela's Artistic Designs.
 Here I come!  Escorted by my awesome parents!
 My husband's parents are in the background, I can only imagine what they were saying!
 Off we go!  Into the water!
 Our officiant Joy of Simply Weddings Grand Cayman.
 Tearing up at the vows... right when the waves started coming in!
 While trying to get our rings off the starfish my maid of honor accidentally knotted the slip knot instead of undoing it.  Somehow I wound up with the video camera and H wound up with Em's button bouquet.  Fun stuff!
 Bling, bling!  I love that my friend David is standing in the water with his shoes on!
 WE DID IT!!!!!
 I am so freakin' excited to get that marriage license!

We'll finish off the ceremony portion with this portrait.  It's my way of teasing you into the portraits, which are coming up soon!


Crunchy Beach Mama said...

All of your pictures are so lovely. A beach wedding! How fantastic! Love that ring bearer pillow.

PS. Now change your header! :)

Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...

Haha, yeah. I need to change that but the header is on my old computer! Whoops!

Angel9 said...

Such a beautiful, special wedding! Thanks for the mention of my Angela's Artistic Designs button bouquets! You look so happy and the beach is so inviting....