Sunday, June 3, 2012

My First Semester... 4.0!

I'm trying to remember if I mentioned this here or not, but I don't believe I did.  In December my hubby convinced me to go back to college.  Now, I had gone to college right out of high school, but I went to an acting conservatory.  After the two years in the conservatory I planned to go to Kansas State to get a sociology degree with plans to get my masters in Drama Therapy.  Best laid plans.  :)  My Dad actually convinced me to not go to Kansas, basically saying he didn't pay $50,000 for me to go to college in Kansas.  I stayed in NYC instead, worked as a nanny, and eventually got hooked up with my studio job in California and all was great!

Then in 2010 it all fell apart.  You all know that.  I decided to walk away from my job at the studio forever and, basically, said good-bye to acting and turned to photography instead.  I've always wanted to go back to college and complete my degree (or in this case start all over and get a new one since CA colleges won't accept my NY credits).  I initially went back for a business degree as it will go along well with my photography career.  Again, best laid plans...

As a first year student I had to register late and all I was able to get were GenEds.  No biggie, it seemed like an easy place to start.  One of the classes I got was Public Speaking and it was there that I quickly learned that I still love being in front of a crowd and hearing myself talk (hehe!).   My speech teacher also seemed to think I was good at it as she encouraged me to join the communications department.  Communications, eh?  Yeah, that sounds up my ally.  So I made the switch.

And I did very well this semester.  VERY well!  FOUR POINT OOOOOOOOO, baby!!!  :)  I went into this semester thinking "I'll be happy with Bs" but I just worked my butt off.  This is a big reason why I haven't been posting much since January.  With the wedding, my photography business, and working my butt off in school I have had NO spare time at all!

I am very proud of myself for this.  With a 4.0 will come a lot of other possibilities as far as grants and organizations go which I am excited about.  And with my new major I am very excited for what this next semester has to bring as my speech teacher encouraged me to join the Intercollegiate Speech and Debate team, which I did.  That'll keep me nice and busy next semester, so if I a disappear again, that's why!  I will try my best to be more active next semester and keep you up to date on how things are going.  But life has definitely been picking up speed lately!

AND I GOT A 4.0!


Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Congrats to you again! So cool!

Oh, I'm lovin' the new look!! Excited to see you back blogging :)

*Earthly*Ashley* said...

Way to go on the 4.0! That's always something to celebrate! And very cool that you found something you're passionate about. Good luck with the debate team!

I'm a student too so I totally understand how life can get just too busy sometimes!