Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Little Pre-Written Post

This is a little pre-written post for you!  It's actually Monday night (er... Tuesday morning, it's after midnight!) and I have just loaded my car up with most of my clothing and all of my summer camp essentials.

That's right.  I am going back to summer camp.  Every year I say this is the last year I will go.  I'm 28-freakin' years old!  I'm too old to be working at a summer camp.  However, I am also eternally young at heart and I cannot imagine this summer without camp.  So the bags are in the car and we leave tomorrow for Minnesota.

Yup, I said we.  The hubby is going with me.  On top of not being able to imagine summer without camp, I also couldn't imagine summer without my husband.  We are very lucky in that our director is a rock star and is totally fine with spouses working at camp together (of course with the understanding that we keep our relationship on the private side).  Many camps won't allow this so I'm lucky to belong to one that does.

We are also taking a friend with us.  When I mentioned to the friend what we were planning to do this summer he hopped right on board and applied that day and was hired. 

So if you don't hear from me for a few days, it's because I'm just arriving at camp and will be busy getting settled in.  I promise I won't be gone long!  And I will be sharing with you some great ideas for keeping your own kids entertained with some fun games and projects this summer!

Minnesota, here we come!

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