Sunday, May 6, 2012

Well, That Was Interesting!

I know, I know!  I disappeared again!  But trust me, this blog is not the only thing I have disappeared from.

First of all, the wedding was fantastic!  We had such a great time and we are MARRIED now!  I will be posting an entire wedding review along with a lot of pictures... soon! 

For now, an apology.

We got back from the wedding the day before our midterms.  I am not sure I mentioned this here yet, but in January I went back to college.  I already went to college (I was a straight-out-of-high-schooler) and have my degree, but my degree is in acting. 

I found it to be very limiting. 

A decade ago when I went to college I was told that there were so many jobs out there that they didn't care what your degree was in, people just cared that you had one.  Yeah.  This is not the case anymore.  Times have changed and I decided to change with it.  I was finding great success with my photography business, but I found myself lacking a lot of basic know-how of running a business.  My wonderful husband has his degree in business administration and has been helping me a lot, but it made me realize I need this knowledge myself.  So back to school I went!

Since I'd been away from college for so long I totally forgot what it was really like. 

And forgot what MIDTERMS are like! 

I did get a few of them moved, but for the most part was in midterm mode from the moment we came home for the next week.

Then I tried to catch up with life.  I forgot how much you miss in your life when you are gone for two weeks!  There was just so much to do and I was getting stressed out a bit. 

It was possibly this stress that led to my illness. 

We still don't know the full cause of what happened, but I started feeling sick one day, but not too bad so I ignored it.  I ignored it for three days and, honestly, it wasn't that bad!  I just thought I'd caught a little bug and I'd be fine in a few days.  Then suddenly I took a "turn for the worse" (anyone else remember "Oregon Trail"?).

Yeah.  I was sick.

I'll spare you the details but it was very evident that it was not just a little bug and I needed to get to the hospital. 

It was 3AM.  I remember pushing open the door to our bedroom, then passing out onto the floor.  I woke up with my husband standing over me asking if I needed to go to the doctor and I said "No, I need to go to the hospital, NOW!".

They called it an infection in my blood but seemed unsure of how it got there.  Possibly a bladder infection but as I've never had one or know what one feels like I can't be certain the origins of the infection.

But by ignoring it as long as I had I allowed it to travel around my body.  My illness was the first sign that my kidneys were infection.  Joy.

Intravenous antibiotic drips are not fun.

I started feeling better quickly and was released from the hospital and sent home to finish up the antibiotics with pills.  Which I much prefer over the other method!

Two days after getting home I got a call from my Mom.  She had just spent a week with my Grandma and she was telling me all about it.  It made me smile, I love my Grandma and I know my Mom and Grandma are very, very close so knowing they got to spend a week together is great.  Plus they are a hoot together!

Two hours later I got another call. 

Grandma had fallen and hit her head on the concrete and was in the hospital.  It didn't look good.  She was not quite "there" and they were going in for a CAT scan.

An hour later I got another call.  Mom and Dad were in the car about to make the six hour drive down to where my Grandma live.  She was not doing well.  This was the end.

8 hours later my brother called me at 5:45 AM.  There is only one reason someone calls you at 5:45 AM.

Grandma had passed away.

My Grandma was my only Grandparent left here with us.  We were extremely close despite the fact that I only got to see her in person a few times a year and her hearing had been going so it was hard to talk to her on the phone.  She was very special to me.  Losing her was devastating.

I was still weak and sick but knew I had to get home.  Cody was great!  He came with and we hopped on a plane and got back to Rochester the day before the wake.  This is the first funeral I've had to attend in over a decade and the first one I will attend as an adult.

My perspective on death is much different.

I was devastated, of course, but my Grandmother had lived 85 wonderful years.  Grandma and I got to travel to New York City, Hawaii, and Jamaica together.  The decision had been made that she would not go on the cruise back in February/March because she hadn't been feeling too well lately (a chronic ear infection and some other problems) so we missed out on that time together. 

But I have many, many memories of her that I will hold onto forever.

She was survived by 5 children (and 5 children in laws), 12 grandchildren (and 9 grandchildren in laws with two more joining the family soon), and 14 great-grandchildren (with one more coming soon!).  The last known picture of her is of her sitting in her favorite chair holding her youngest great-grandchild who was just born mid-March.

It was a celebration, too.

There was just as much laughing as there was crying.

Of course, all of this meant more missed school for both Cody and I.  And that meant I had to play catch-up.  Which I did, but it was work.  Work that required something to do go.

Unfortunately, that thing was this blog. 

Life just dumped a lot on my and I made the decision to not overwhelm myself.  I couldn't afford to get sick again and until last week I was still feeling weak.

Now, I am caught up!  Finals week is coming up so I'll probably go away for a bit again, but otherwise I am caught up in both my personal and professional life.

So now it's time to get back into blogging!  I've missed it and I've missed you! 

I'm glad to be back!

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*Earthly*Ashley* said...

Hello! I'm a very new follower. Glad to see you're back to posting. I, too, am a college student. And, my partner is currently going back to school as well. So, I definitely understand midterms and finals--times 2!!! It's the story of my/our life it seems...

anyways. welcome back. Congrats on the wedding, and I am sorry about your grandmother's passing.

Hope things settle down, and good luck on your finals!!!

~* Ashley