Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FURminator Product Review

As many of you know I am the proud Mama of an awesome fluffy white shelter mutt.  I love my fluffy white shelter mutt (who might be a cocker spaniel/poodle mix... or maybe a cocker spaniel/bichon mix... or maybe a... you get the idea!), but having a white fluffy mutt comes with it's challenges, mostly in the grooming department.

Boo is a great dog, but he LOVES to dig.  We have a large yard now and he spends most of his time outside with our other dog, Cookie (also a mutt but not a white fluffy one).  All of that digging means he's getting into every plant in our yard.  And somewhere out there is a plant with round green stickers on it.  Also there are fox tails all over the place that get blown into our yard.  Every one of these things that Boo comes in contact with gets sucked into his fur where it stays, gathers more fur to hang out with it, and forms some very lovely mats.

I am usually very good at keeping up with Boo's grooming, but last month when I was not home for almost two weeks and not feeling well enough to get out of bed for several more days Boo got quite neglected.  The result?  Some CRAZY Boo fur action!

Luckily, I had my FURminator Dog Grooming Tools!

Before I tell you about my FURminator Dog Grooming Tools I want to tell you first about FURminator and their awesome tool selecting guide.  Just follow the simple directions below to find the perfect grooming tools for your dog based on his size, fur type, and fur length:

(1) Visit www.furminator.com/grooming-solutions/dogs
(2) Scroll down and click on the “Tell Us About Your Dog” button.
(3) Make the necessary selections until the “Find My Tool” button appears. Click the button.

For me and my Boo FURminator suggested two tools: The Small Firm Slicker Brush ($20.99) and the Small Finishing Comb ($18.99).

The Small Firm Slicker Brush has quickly become my favorite dog grooming tool to use on Boo.  It is a brush that is designed to remove surface mats, and it does just that!  I brush Boo with this once a day (or once every couple of days when I get lazy) and it keeps his fur looking great!  The brush has a really awesome flex head that bends with Boo's body shape which allows the brush to get closer and do more faster when compared to his old brush.  I LOVE IT!!!!

I actually use the Small Finishing Comb to get in to those really tough mats that the Small Firm Slicker Brush doesn't quite get out.  It's step two in my grooming routine and helps to keep those darn stickers out of his fur.  At least until I let him go back outside and he just gets more (it's a non-stop thing!). 

Together, this process has really cut down on the amount of mats and uncomfortable stickers in Boo's fur.  It has also kept me sane as they make groomer go easier and faster.  I've saved a lot of money on grooming (I've been doing his trimming at home now that his fur is more manageable) and have yet to break these brushes even though I've used them for almost two months now. 

Normally, I would not be the type to spend more than a couple of bucks on a brush because they usually get ruined within a month or two when used on Boo.  But since getting my FURminator brushes I have completely changed my mind!  If you have a dog with difficult fur you NEED to spend more and get GOOD QUALITY brushes for your pup.  They will make him feel better and make you happier.  Plus, it'll save you money in other places which is a HUGE bonus to me!

So head on over to FURminator today and see what they recommend for your pup!  Then come back here and tell me what your results were and what you think of FURminator!


*Earthly*Ashley* said...

CUTE doggie!! I love dogs and am the current mom of an Australian Cattle Dog. He's quite the goofball. We got him from a rescue, so definite kudos to you for getting a shelter dog!

Our pup doesn't have long hair, but I look forward to future dog posts!

Oh, and thanks for following my blog!!
~* Ashley

Sam Tatters - https://pawsitivelytraining.wordpress.com/ said...

Furminator = love

I've tried the cheaper 'copies' and ended up with way more than three tools, and spending a lot of money! Now I use the slicker, the curry comb (love that name!), and the de-shedding tool, and Inka's coat has never looked better.

Brutus Duffy said...

Love Furminator products-have been using them since they first came out.
Boo is adorable!