Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally, The Wedding Post Part 1 : Getting Ready

Sorry this has taken so long again!  I had finals this past week and I am happy to announce that I have pulled off a 4.0 for this semester!  But obviously that meant doing a lot of work and really focusing on my school work which means I am just now, THREE MONTHS LATER!!! getting around to my wedding post.  Sorry!

So... quick recap!  Our wedding took place on February 28th, 2012 at Smith Cove in Georgetown, Grand Cayman.  We arrived in Grand Cayman on the morning of the wedding onboard the Royal Caribbean cruiseship the Navigator of the Seas.  This post will solely be about the WEDDING, although I will do a post on the ship and my experience on Royal Caribbean and how it compares to Carnival in a later post.  So, onto the post!

First, I want to thank Susan at Beautiful Life Photography for being a rock star and taking our wedding pictures even though she found out a week later that she had a herniated disc in her neck and had to have spinal surgery on it.  Seriously, ROCK STAR!!!

Now onto the getting ready pictures!

 Being an oh-so-frugal bride I did my own make-up!
 Arriving in Grand Cayman.  It was raining a little but died off quickly.  That's good luck, right?
 Attempting to make mimosas
 I'm not much of a traditionalist.  My husband and I slept in the same room the night before the wedding and saw each other before the ceremony (not dressed, though).  Here he is giving me a necklace that my Grandma had given me.  She was unable to make it to the wedding due to her health so it meant so much to me that she could be there with me in spirit like this.  Sadly, she passed away just two months later and I never had the chance to thank her for her generous gift in person.
 My sister did my hair.
 One of my DIY projects- the custom hanger!
 My beautiful Brides Against Breast Cancer $150 dress!
 Beautiful bouquet from Ever Beautifully Yours (GIVEAWAY COMING SOON!)
 The tenders started moving, The hubby and the guys should be on one of the first ones!
 Lovely Starfish Ring Bearer Pillow from World of Wonder!  Giveaway coming soon!
 My Maid of Honor.  We've been friendly since high school.  Since she was spending so much money to attend the wedding I told her to just bring dresses that she already wore.  She brought about 6 of them and the day before the wedding I looked at them and we chose this one for her maid of honor dress.  It was perfect, better than anything I would have picked out myself!
 Getting dressed.  I love how my dress makes me look skinnier than I really was!
 My husband and I decided we would write our vows the morning of the wedding so we would have heartfelt, honest vows without overthinking them.  His were better than mine!
I debated until the last minute whether or not to wear the birdcage veil from Western Bride and in the end decided to wear it.  So glad I did, I loved how it looked!
 Only cool people get married on a Tuesday.
 On the tender heading to the island (ON TIME!).  We sat across from this couple who took dozens of pictures of us.  It was adorable, they were so nice!
 I know I said this post wouldn't be about the ship, but I had to share a picture of her that was taken from the tender as we road to the island.  Isn't she beautiful?
 In Joy's office at Simply Weddings Grand Cayman.  Joy was our officiant.
 I am so, so nervous as we ride to the beach!
Cody and Joy deciding on the best location to have the ceremony.  This is Smith Cove and it is absolutely beautiful!  I wanted a water wedding, not a beach wedding, and Joy helped us pick the perfect location for this! 

More soon including the wedding, portraits, and after the wedding shenanigans.  As well as the ship and vendor reviews and some giveaways!

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