Tuesday, May 8, 2012

EdenFantasys Review: THE BEST BRA EVER!

When I'm posting about EdenFantasys.com I am usually telling you about a variety of products that fit into a certain season.  This post is going to be a little different.  Today I will tell you about a product that I LOVE.  No, wait, scratch that.  I am going to tell you about a product I am simply obsessed with and cannot imagine life without now.

What is this fabulous product, you ask?  It's a bra!  Lovely blog readers, I introduce you to the Four-Way Deep-V Push Up Bra!

I am an adult woman and as such I have been wearing bras for close to two decades now.  I know bras, as I'm sure many of your out there know bras.  Being a (slightly TMI alert) C-cup on a petite figure finding a good bra is important to me.  I usually spend upwards of $50 on each bra so I have to be picky.  I want a bra that I will love, wear a lot, and be comfortable in.  Because I'm so picky I usually just buy the same brand/style over and over.  So when I bought my leopard print bra I did so because I meant for it to be a little something sexy I can wear under my clothes during my honeymoon.  I did not mean for it to become my go-to bra.

Instead, what I got was a bra that not only supports my ladies, but is also BEYOND COMFORTABLE!  There were a few times when I had to feel because I thought I forgot to put my bra on!  The fabric is so soft, so comfortable, the straps are stretchy (i.e. not stiff and uncomfortable) but still provide a lot of support.   And they make my boobs look amazing!  Without even seeing the cute leopard print my husband was making a comment that my boobs looks exceptionally perky that day.

I also love it when I can customize the straps on my bra to go with every outfit I own.  You can remove the strap completely for strapless clothing.  Here I am rocking the bra for the first time with a strapless top:

You can also criss-cross the straps for a sporty-top, you can go one-strap (which is great if you have a bum shoulder that hurts after many hours of bra-wearing especially with larger breasts), and you can wear the straps around your neck for a tie-back dress.

This bra comes in four styles- White, black, leopard, and zebra print.  It also comes in 32C!  For anyone who wears 32C you know how hard it is to find bras in that size.  In fact, some of the most popular bra stores out there don't even carry 32Cs in large enough quantities that I'm able to find one in stores!  If you have an unusual bra size check this bra out, it may just meet all of your bra needs!

Want to hear the best part about this bra?  It's only $10.99!!!  I thought for sure, at that price, that the bra would be a novelty product for me only.  Nope.  I wear mine all the time and at that price I will be able to buy 4 more for less than the cost of one of my old bras!  Now THAT'S living frugally but happily!

Just remember, EdenFantasys is not all about sex toys (although they are that, too)!  It is an online store that offer much, much more.  Including me new favorite bra!

Want one of your very own or some more great products at EdenFantasys?  If you shop now using code XOXO you will get 20% off your order!  That would make one of these bras cost you only $8.80!!  That is a STEAL!

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Robin Peterson said...

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