Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Green and Frugal Wedding Guide : Liquid Courage Flasks Review and Giveaway

One of the funnest parts of wedding planning for me has been buying gifts for my bridal party.  They are awesome and I've been having a ton of fun picking out things for them over the course of our engagement.  But what I really struggled with was finding a great gift that would be good for the groomsmen and THE GROOM!!!  It was a chance Google search for Nautical themed gifts that I came across Liquid Courage Flasks.  I hit the jackpot!

The "Anchors Away" -Retro Nautical Anchor Flask was the product that first pulled me in.  Our wedding is part beach themed, part nautical themed since we're going to Grand Cayman on a cruise ship.  So this flask immediately caught my eye and it's something I know my darling fiance would love.  He's not a huge drinker, but actually has a small flask collection and flasks can come in handy in so many situation!  :)  I am not about to encourage alcohol smuggling onto cruise ships... but let's just say his favorite alcohol (which is not available on our ship) will be in this flask.  I hope they don't catch me.  And I know I'm horrible!

These flasks are great, though.  We aren't having a huge bridal party- only three total- two on my side and one on his and one of the ladies on my side is our photographer, too.  But no matter what the size of your wedding party is, flasks make a great gift for guys and girls a like!  Liquid Courage Flasks breaks their flasks into three categories- Mens, Womens, and Personalized Flasks.  And under each category are several sub-categories to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  I especially love the Mustache and Beard Flask category under men.  I think my favorite is the "Fear the Beard" flask.  Even now I crack up every time I see it!  Another favorite that never fails to crack me up is the "Vodka is Just Awesome Water" flask.  I have a few friends who hold that motto when they go out!

But since this is a wedding related review, here are my favorites for wedding-related flask gifts for your bride, your groom, or the wedding party:


These are just a small sampling of the hundreds of unique and creative designs offered over at Liquid Courage Flasks.  Of course, flasks make great gifts for many types of celebrations... birthdays, engagements, get well gifts (hehe!), etc.  So even if you're not planning a wedding, this is a shop that should be in your bookmarks!


Liquid Courage Flasks is offering one very lucky Eco-Friendly and Frugal reader a code for a 5 pack of any 5 flasks in our shop w/ free shipping in the US!  That is a $115 value!!!!!

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Deal Bunny said...

reuse/ re-sell your wedding supplies! pomanders, bouquet decor, reception decor, etc. You dont have to buy brand new, and when you're done with these things, you dont usually have much of a reason to keep them. pass on the savings and creativity! (

Robert said...

online invitations saves paper.

lepond said...

I love the plantable invitations - they're ecofriendly and fun!

Last Minute Bride!!! said...

Wedding websites keep everyone up to date and foster excitement. It is free and you can load it up with information for travelling guests... you can see mine at I did go a tad overkill though!

Anonymous said...

Think about using plants instead of flowers for centerpieces.
flyergal82 at (yahoo) dot $com%

Dillon Christensen said...

My sister and I got married within a few months of eachother, so we basically went wedding shopping together, and reused everything! We helped make our own food and we even made our own cakes! While not everyone can do that, it sure made our weddings very memorable :)

Nancy said...

Borrow or rent anything you can!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Lana Bradstream said...

Use bird seed! Hold it outside and make sure everything is kept clean.