Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wedding Mode!

Alright people, I have bad news for you.  For the next 50 days (or so) this blog is going to be all WEDDING all the time!!!  According to my countdown on my iPad I have 52 days left until my wedding date.  Ah!!!  I have a ton of DIY pojects, a ton of money saving tips, and I hope to be hosting a ton of wedding-themed giveaways!  This will include some giveaways of my own wedding items when I'm done with them.  :)

Quick Update... We have changed a few wedding details!  It was becoming too difficult to plan the wedding on March 1st in Haiti so we bumped the date and changed the location.  We are now getting married in Georgetown, Grand Cayman on February 28th.  So with two days less to plan, it's crunch time!

To start, for accountability purposes, I wanted to share my Do-It-Yourself (DIY) to-do list.  I literally just made this list tonight after looking at a ton of wedding images on Pinterest.  I wasn't going to do most of these but, you know, I want to.  I love DIY projects and I'm a little bored right now so it works out.

1) Mustache/Lips "I Do" / "I Do, Too" signs (great for pictures, easy to resell!)
2) "Here Comes the Bride" sign (I have a ring bearer now, so I want something for him to carry down the aisle.)
3) Thank You banner (great for Thank You Notes!)
4) Mrs. hanger.  Not sure if I want to do wood burning or wire.  I'll have to see how much time I have!

I'm sure more will be added as I go, and of course when I do a project I will update you all!

So stick with me as I continue my Green Wedding Guide.

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Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Yay! This is my birthday! :)