Monday, January 16, 2012

Spice Up Valentines with EdenFantasys!

Being just two weeks away from our wedding date, my fiance and I will not be having a sexy romantic Valentine's Day this year (we'll wait to be a married couple for that!) but that doesn't mean we can't have a romantic Valentine's Day and it doesn't mean we can't turn to, The Sex Shop You Can Trust, to help us out!

The Sweetheart Strawberry Box would make a great gift to the man in your life.  Chocolates?  Pfffft!  Who likes those?  But edible body souffle, white chocolate body paint, and strawberry honey dust in a heart shaped box?  WIN!  What man (or woman, even!) wouldn't love getting that for Valentine's Day?  Sure, the fiance and I couldn't USE this stuff on Valentine's Day but, hey, the wedding would be just two weeks away!  ;)  At just $34.99 it's also budget friendly.

You all know that I love practical gifts.  I find items that I can use for days, week, or even months to be the most romantic.  The bubble bath I got for my birthday last year was enjoyed for weeks and every time I soaked in that bubble bath it made me think of him.  If you want your woman (or man!) to think of your genorosity and romantic gift over and over again why not give them a bottle of Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath?  Available in two sizes (8.5 ounces for $21.99 or 2 oz for $9.99) will help you relax after a longer day, or warm up for a long night!

Finally, to go along with the whole "practical gift" theme, I was thrilled to find one of EdenFantasys newest products- the Terme Trio Hair Care Set!  Hair and Body Powder, Shampoo, and Conditioner... all three practical gifts that she will use and enjoy for weeks to come!  The price is a little steeper then I would prefer spent on me for Valentine's Day at $58.99, but for the average person it's probably right on target.  And since it's practical but still romantic, I can get behind it!

So head on over to EdenFantasys today and see how they can help you have the most romantic Valentine's Day possible.  And remember, it ain't all sex toys!  But, you know, you can find those there, too!  ;)

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