Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Nativity Collection by Robert J Morgan

The Nativity Collection is a wonderful holiday book!  It is a collection of six wonderful Christmas stories that Mr. Morgan and his congregation have shared with each other the night before Christmas, which is an on-going tradition which gives me hope that someday a sequel may be available. Each story features the Nativity which affects the characters in each story in a way that connects them all.

In "Ollie" it's a Nativity snow globe given to a young boy on Christmas Eve by an elderly woman who had almost lost hope of having one more Christmas with her loved ones.  In "Poet Boy" it's a Christmas Eve play performed by a boy with a lot of nerves and a photographic memory to boot.  It is a hand carved wooden Nativity in "Over My Dead Body".  In "Five Quarters of a Mile" it is also a hand-carved wooden Nativity, but this one's purpose is to save two lives.  It is a smiling Nativity that helps a pair of bitter newlyweds restore their faith in "Nativity Seen Smiling".  Finished off with a twist in "Sugarplum and the Christmas Cradle", where you could argue there was no Nativity in the story, one would be there soon.

The Nativity Collection is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated.  I will admit that more than one of the stories brought a tear to my eye.  It would make a great addition to any Christmas tradition.  Read one story a night for the week following up to Christmas as a family or read it to a child to teach them the Reason for the Season.

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