Monday, November 7, 2011

Untitled Jersey City Project Review

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The Untitled Jersey City Project is a new form of television.  With it's out-of-sequence, characters who aren't fully introduced, and unresolved plot lines.  There is of course some background and some explanation to characters, but nowhere near what mainstream television shows have done in the past.  The background of the series is given on the FX website: The story is set amidst the fast-developing Jersey City waterfront, just across the river from Manhattan. A shining new city is being built on the edge of this gritty town. But while the glass office towers and condos are sleek and new, the rules of the game haven't changed one bit.

Here is the clip for Episode 2 of Untitled Jersey City Project.

This two minute clip introduced us to four characters (who are also briefly described on the website, allowing the viewer a bit more background on the characters).  The clip starts with attractive blond reporter Jane Kaplan making out with Frank George in the front seat of a car in a gritty neighborhood, assumedly somewhere in Jersey City.  Just as Jane notes that their behavior is unprofessional their car window is bashed in.

The scene then skips to 36 hours earlier as Jane Kaplan, who according to the FX websites dreams of becoming editor for the New York Times, meets Frank George, who we learn is the architect for the Jersey City waterfront project, and Frank's partner Ray Rahne, for lunch to discuss an less than favorable review about the project's developer Larry Tyerman.

The scene then introduces us to  Larry Tyerman as he enters the scene right as Jane Kaplan is defending her article, stating that Tyerman is a well-known crook with notorious bad taste.  In an almost too predictable twist, Tyerman is right behind Jane as she describes these flaws of his character.  Tyerman plays it off, saying that Jane is a truth teller and he likes that in a girl.  He comes off briefly as being charming and likeable until the clip jumps to it's final scene- Tyerman punching a man in what appears to be the back seat of a limo and asking "What do you do?  I'm asking you.  What do you do?"

The rest of the story is left blank, allowing you (and your imagine) to fill in the gaps.

This new style may not appeal to everyone, but if you find yourself bored watching the same tired story lines over and over then the "Untitled Jersey City Project" will be a breath of fresh air!  It makes the viewer think and use their imagination.  Two things that very few shows have done in the past.

I'm curious to know what you think of this new style.  Is having more viewer interaction, even if it's just you using your imagination, something that interests you and something you look forward to watching?

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