Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Green and Frugal Wedding Guide : The Big Plan

*emerges from cave*  Ugh!  What a month!  Mix some life insanity with a little mental insanity and I had to take a breather!  But I'm baaaaack!  And I figured it's time to reveal "The Big Plan".

So... here it is...  The Big Plan:

Date: February 29th, 2012 or March 1st, 2012 (I'll explain the two date thing in a second)

Where: Ocho Rios, Jamaica or Labadee, Haiti (keep reading)

How: Onboard a cruise ship!!!

So, how it all came about...

Confession #1: I have had my heart set on a February 29th, 2012 wedding date since FI (Fiance) and I got serious.  It just seems like such a cool date!  Admittedly, I've been stuck on this date for over a year now (yes, we did just get engaged... a girl can dream, right?).

Confession #2: We bounced around close to 20 different ideas before settling on the a cruise wedding.  Initially I wanted an eco-friendly destination wedding (a bit of an oxymoron, I know) and had my heart set on getting married at an ecological preserve in Mexico.  But that wasn't going to work out budget wise.  FI threw in Costa Rica but, again, that would break our $3,000 budget.  We had the idea of having a backyard wedding, but the amount of work needed to be done on our back yard would far exceed the budget and leave no room for anything else!  We thought of a wedding in Minnesota at the summer camp I went to as a child and worked at this past summer, but Minnesota in February just didn't seem appealing and my family (who are all in Minnesota) seemed disappointed they wouldn't get to go somewhere warm for the wedding!  So finally, we went back to where it all started.  In March 2010 FI and I met on a cruise ship.  It seemed fitting and was a wedding both he and I were interested in having and my family LOOOOOOVED the idea of!

Confession #3:  I didn't realize until AFTER I picked the cruise that we would need to get married in Jamaica in order to have a February 29th, 2012 wedding.  I love Jamaica.  A lot.  But I was also married there.  It seemed weird to put that on my wedding invitations again and I was worried people would think it was odd, too.  So we picked Haiti as our destination instead, the port we will be arriving at on March 1st.  But since planning this we've encountered some issues with this plan and may be moving the wedding to Jamaica after all!

No, it's not the most eco-friendly wedding.  Not at all!  Cruises are far from being eco-tourism.  This was a compromise we came to after many, many hours of discussion and looking over our other options and this being the only one we were happy with and though maybe our friends and family would be, too.  But it will be frugal, our budget is still only $3,000 and that will include the cost of the cruise, and I will share with you the many ways I have cut corners and gone low-budget without giving up style!  And I figure if everything else is Eco-Friendly then the Eco-Gods will forgive my one discression!

More coming soon... as we plan it!!!

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Jen said...

There are some fantastic initiatives in the cruise industry that are helping to decrease their impact on the environment. So I wouldn't feel too horrible about it!