Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gift Guide 2011 : My Memories Review and Giveaway CLOSED!

Think of all the people on your Christmas list this year and think of a word that describes each of them.  If the word "Scrapbooker" came up at all, I have the PERFECT gift idea for you... MyMemories Suite V3!

MyMemories is a highly rated, award winning digital scrapbook software that you can use to not just make digital scrapbooks but also photobooks, cards, calendars, and gifts without having to buy expensive and complicated software programs.

I got the chance to try out MyMemories (version 2 at the time) to see how easy it really is.  I decided to try the software out without doing the thing I always do (and highly recommend everyone do) before using a new software for the first time- reading the manual and watching tutorials.  I thought "let's see how easy this really is" and jumped right in.  First, let me say that I am NOT a scrapbooker!  I still have my completely unfinished High School Scrapbook in a box, complete with all of the things I wanted to put into it.  But what I liked about MyMemories is that it's a DIGITAL scrapbook.  No need for tape, glue, scissors, or a workspace.  Everything can be done within the software using your personal photos and the Digital Scrapbooking Kits available on the website.  Which means I'd probably be more inclined to scrapbook should the urge hit me.  While I am not a scrapbooker, I am a Photographer and several of my portrait packages include creating custom invitations, birth announcements, save the dates, and other press print products.  So even without being a scrapbooker, the MyMemories software can definitely come in handy to a wide audience!

So now onto my creations.  I thought about the scrapbooking concept and figured what better thing to scrapbook about then my wedding?  But since it hasn't happened yet I decided to test MyMemories out by creating a "Wedding Inspiration Board" and fill it with pictures of my ideas and some things I have already decided on for my wedding to show the feel of it.  Ladies (and gentlemen) I present to you my Wedding Inspiration Board, creating using the MyMemories software:

I spent all of five minutes creating this photo collage of my wedding ideas/inspirations.  The background was as easy as clicking on the "Background Papers" tab and selecting the background I wanted!  The photo layout was a predesigned layout that I selected when starting this project.  All I had to do was select the images I wanted to use and drag them into the boxes.  Then I added the text (again, super easy to do) and then I was done.  Not overly fancy, but not bad for five minutes without even reading the manual or watching a tutorial!

Next I decided to put myself in the shoes of someone with a child.  What would I use MyMemories for?  The obvious answer was "Scrapbooking about my child's life!", but that just seemed too obvious so I decided to create and invitation to a child's birthday party, just to give you an idea of the many things you can do with MyMemories.  I also decided to play around with a few more of the features offered with the software.  Here are the results:

This time I played around with different "Embellishments", colors, and fonts (these fonts already existed on my computer, they did not come with the software).  All of these embellishments came original with the program, they were not purchased separate.  So "straight out of the box" you can create the above invitation or something similar.  Again, this creation only took me about 5 minutes and was extremely easy!  The only problem I encountered while creating this invitation was an issue with layers.  By that I mean that I added that beautiful boarder last, but after adding the boarder it wouldn't let me select the font in the middle (it would just select the boarder again.  So I remove the boarder, finalized the font and other details, then re-added the boarder.  I'm positive there's a way to put a layer "to the back" which would move the font and other embellishment layers to the front.  I believe if I were to have read the guides and watched some tutorials I could have figured out how to do it.  It just wasn't "dummy-proof".  However, if that's the only issue I ran into while creating these two masterpieces?  Yeah, I'm not going to complain!

Who This Gift Is Great For: MyMemories would be great for the crafter in your life!  The aunt who likes to scrapbook, the cousin who's always sending out cute invitations to parties, or the sister who writes a blog (*nudge* *nudge*, Greg!).  I plan to use this software for years to come to create fun creations for the blog here.  


MyMemories Suite is available on their website for just $39.97.  And, awesome news... they just updated this software to version 3 on MONDAY!!!  This upgrade implements a lot of features and fixes that come directly from customer feedback and ideas to make this software even better.  I have downloaded this upgrade but haven't been able to play around with it, but I imagine it'll be fantastic!

They also have two specialty packages - MyMemories Wedding Studio and MyMemories Photobook Studio - for only $29.97.  You can also purchase Kits of various themes and prices to go with the theme of your digital scrapbook.  There are several free Kit options that you can download to add flair to your MyMemories creations.  I did download a couple of them to test out the ease of downloading it is extremely Dummy-Proof!
SPECIAL OFFER: Use coupon code "STMMMS33787" to get $10 off the purchase of MyMemories Suite V3!  That brings the price down to only $29.97.  Which is a steal for such an amazing Christmas gift.


One very lucky Eco-Friendly and Frugal reader will get a free copy of the MyMemories Suite V3 software to keep or give as a gift!  If you don't see the entry widget click "Read More" to get to it and learn how you can enter to WIN!


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