Thursday, November 17, 2011

EcoChi : Designing The Human Experience Review

"EcoChi : Designing the Human Experience" is written by Debra Duneier and is one of those books that made me look up from the pages, look around, and sigh "Yup... she's right!"

Duneier, an accredited LEED green associate and certified eco-designer, began her EcoChi endeavor after a series of circumstances that I found oddly relateable- her divorce and a frozen shoulder.  Hrm... sounds familiar!  It was while visiting a Chinese acupuncturist that she realized she was "stuck", not just her shoulder but her life in general.  She moved from a large suburban home into a small apartment and EcoChi was born as she realized that the environment we live in can affect our mood and successes.

EcoChi is a concept that combines Feng Shui and the five elements, green living, and environmental psychology that anyone can implement into a more harmonious home.  Duneier understands that it's not always how our home looks, but how it makes us feel.  These concepts range from ancient Chinese Feng Shui practices to modern green living.

I appreciate that Duneier touches on the concept of "greenwashing" in her book and recognizes that "green" is not always "eco-friendly" which gave her an immense amount of credit in my opinion!  Furthermore, her examples are based on those of her actual clients, experiences she has seen first hand through them.

All in all this book was an easy read, although I found myself stopping frequently and looking around my own home and thinking of ways I could implement what I was reading.  It's a book that makes you think, and makes you act to improve your living situation and, in turn, your outlook.

Meet the Author: Debra Duneier is a Feng Shui Master Practitioner, an accredited LEED® Green Associate, and Certified Eco-Designer. Founder and President of EcoChi and Living Home by Debra LLC., she is the creator of the EcoChi® system of interior design and an expert resource on feng shui, green living and health and wellness for a variety of media outlets.

You can find EcoChi in many book stores, on Debra's website, as well as (in hard cover and Kindle version!).

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