Friday, November 18, 2011

The Day They Sold the Moon

Last year I reviewed the book "The Art of Autism" and mentioned it was a book very close to my heart as the subject of the book, a young autistic boy named Jack, was the little boy I was a nanny for many years ago.  It brings me great pleasure to follow-up that review by telling you of a book written by that very same little boy!

"The Day They Sold the Moon" is a book directly out of Jack's own imagination.  While working with Jack I realized that autism takes a creative child's brain and locks all of their thoughts away in a little box.  Occasionally, little tidbits would come out and everyone around them gets to see the wonders that are held within.  This book is one of Jack's wonders.  He began telling his mom, Tracy Goodwin, this story one day.  As she listened to the story Tracy realized there was more to this tale than just a child's story-telling.  The story held a real message!

It's the story of a little boy (named Jack) who has heard that the moon was made of cheese which begins his obsession with someday going to the moon to see for himself. With the help of an alien being called Musher Jack does indeed make it to the moon and also discovers that it actually is made of cheese. In fact, he sets up a cheese business using the moon cheese with the help of Musher the alien. However as his cheese empire grows the moon gets smaller as it is literally consumed.

Illustrated to perfection by Jefferey Duckworth, Jack Paschall’s wonderful story tells the tale of how the boy discovers that natural resources should not be wasted and certainly not for money nor what money can buy.  The story is clever and although written by a young boy it asks the very adult question of what are we doing with the earth’s resources.

As the holidays grow closer I keep thinking of gifts to buy my nephew.  He loves books so "The Day They Sold the Moon" immediately jumped into my mind.  Yes!  It would make a fantastic holiday gift.  My nephew may never meet Jack, but they both share a common thread- they have made a huge impact on my life and I love them more than anything.  So it seems only fitting to share Jack's story with my nephew this Christmas.

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"The Day They Sold the Moon" is available on for $13.95.  Click the Amazon widget below to explore the first few pages of the book!

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