Friday, September 2, 2011

Why the Electronic Cigarette is Called the Subsequent Stop Smoking Machine

Thank you to Roxanne Peterson for this fabulous guest post!

Want to quit smoking? You have to start somewhere. Where’s that going to be, though? Patches or gum? Hypnotism? Ask yourself a question before you gotoo much further. That question – how much do you really want to quit? If the answer is “not much” or “only because I know I should” then you need an electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are the ultimate answer to that “I really ought to quit smoking but I quite like it” conundrum. It happens to all of us. We smoke and we enjoy it. Then we smoke and we feel guilty about it. But there’s always that moment when we’d really rather be sucking down some hot gas than slapping on a patch or going to see the hypnotist.

So what do you do? Frankly, if I couldn’t have a cigarette with my first beer of the evening then I wouldn’t want the beer. Now, whether or not that’s a good thing is a whole other conversation. Friday night is beer night for me and most of the rest of the English speaking universe. So how do I get around the fact that I know smoking will kill me?

Simple. One electronic cigarette, one beer. Ideal. That way I can even smoke it in the pub. The rest of the time I use patches or gum -0 but on Friday nights, it’s me and the electronic cigarettes against the world.  The electric cigarette is there for any occasion when you would naturally have lit a cigarette and enjoyed it. Now, for all the damage smoking does and for all the cigarettes you light that are completely addictive and nothing to do with actually wanting or enjoying one: every smoker on earth can tell you that some cigarettes genuinely are awesome. The first one of the day. The post coital one. The post surf one.

An electronic cigarette is there for all of those smokes. The ones that a nicotine patch or a piece of gum just doesn’t cut. How are you going to celebrate the birth of your first child with a bit of gum? You’re not. You’re going to the pub to wet the baby’s head with a nip and a couple of electronic cigarettes.

As a vehicle to quitting fully, the electric cigarette is a much friendlier thing than endless packets of expensive medication. Unlike any other form of quit smoking merchandise, electronic cigarettes pander to the age old smoker’s need to smoke: not to get nicotine into their bodies, but to take a tube from a pack, put it in your mouth and draw smoke from it.

The electronic cigarette produces a vapour that has no harmful anything in it, except nicotine – and since your gum and your patches have nicotine in too, using an electric cigarette is no more harmful than that.  All smoker know the true power of the smoking habit. Everyone quits and gets caught by the “just one” phase. That phase is dealt with by electronic cigarettes. What it is, is these moments in your life when a real cigarette would honestly be enjoyable, something you’d love every second of and never regret doing. An electronic cigarette makes those moments possible still.

Thank goodness someone came up with the idea. I’d bet everything I own that it was a smoker. Only a smoker would know the feeling – and only a person who knows the feeling would invent something that helps you get it back safely.

Roxanne is associated with various health institutes as their freelance and staff writer. She has been linked with some of the best Electric cigarettes companies and is been offering various ways to stop smoking and switch to E Cigs

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Misusedinnocence said...

Oh man, I want one of these sooo bad. As soon as I get a job it's going to be my first investment. Drew's on me constantly about quitting.