Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Shopping List Bag Facebook Promo

Hey guys!  I just got a head up on a new product coming out later this month called "The Shopping List Bag".  It's a reusable bag that will also carry your shopping list, coupons, and grocery store loyalty card that you can then stick on your fridge between shopping bags with their built-in magnets.  It's an easy way to remember at least one bag on your shopping trips and remember your coupons and loyalty card each time to save.  So it's Eco-Friendly AND Frugal!

And if you "Like" their Facebook page between now and September 18th you are automatically entered to win a bag for free!

I am hoping I'll get the opportunity to try this bag out myself and give you a more thorough review when it's released later this month.


Amit said...

Did you know we are killing ourselves slowly? Everyday we dump tons of plastic bags into our be loving Mother Earth. The conscious is like Karma. We did something bad to the earth and we will get it back. Look at the lakes, rivers and underground water near the dumping areas. The toxics of these plastic bags are leaking out. There are no way to stop the toxic leakage unless we stop dumping more in the ground. Stop using plastic bags and start using Eco Friendly bags . Cheap and last a long time.

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