Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camp Is Over

Female staff members enjoying the sunset during the staff banquet

Camp is now over.  :(  But this means I'm back to blogging!  :)

This summer was absolutely fantastic.  I am so impressed with the staff this year.  I came in during week 4, so right smack dab in the middle of the season, and was very worried that I wouldn't be "accepted" right away as part of the group.  Camp staffs tend to bond quickly and become very close during staff training week, which I missed.  But the rock stars on the staff this year welcomed me with open arms and I never once felt like an outsider.  They were a caring, trustworthy, responsible group.  I wouldn't hesitate for a second to leave my child in their capable hands!

The kids, of course, were amazing as well!  But kids always are so I wasn't surprised by that.  I had such a wide variety of campers this year, it was fun to get to experience all of the age groups- from the 5 year old Day Campers to the 14 year old Art Power campers!  It was truly an amazing summer.

Now it's back to reality!  Which isn't so bad.  I've got work to get done (wedding season was CRAZY this year and I'm still catching up on my editing) and family to enjoy.  I won't be back in California to see what's been happening to my house during my absence until September 14th or so.  So no house updates until then.  Instead, I figured I'd share an awesome giveaway or two.  Enjoy!

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