Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Camp

I know, I suck.  I disappeared again.  This time it was for a good cause.  I'm spending a lot of time back home in Minnesota this summer for weddings and other events so while I have weekdays off I decided to volunteer my time at the summer camp I called home every summer for almost a decade as a camper and later as a counselor.  I spent one week there and was hooked again!  I asked to come back three more weeks and got invited to be on payroll... SCORE!

I just wanted to write a quick post dedicated to my love of summer camps.  I feel so lucky that my parents were brave enough to send me when I was 8.  Back then, I was a sick kid.  And I mean REALLY sick.  I got so familiar with the toys in the emergency waiting room that I actually thought they were mine.  Haha!  But I'd have good spells so my parents figured it was safe to send me to a 3-day "mini camp".  I am so grateful.  I didn't get sick, and had a great time.

For 8 more summers I went back.  As a camper and then when I got too old to be a camper I became a counselor.  The memories I have from camp are memories that have stayed with me for years.  In college I worked at two different camps but really did miss "My Camp", the one I'd grown up in.  In 2009 I had the opportunity to go back but because of my shoulder injury I had to turn the job down that was offered to me.  I did volunteer for a week and when that was through I vowed it would not be my last time at camp.  So this year I jumped at the chance to go back.

Yes, I am 27 years old.  Arguably an "adult" (though I do use the term lightly).  But I can still put on my kid pants, wear my underwear outside of my pants, and run around pretending to be a super hero (OK, I didn't really do this because I was Rogue - see picture above - however, my Magneto co-counselor Justin did!).  I can jump into a freezing cold lake at 7AM.  I can eat mass produced camp food and not get an upset stomach.  I can still somehow shoot a bow and arrow even though I only have one usable arm.  Because at summer camp, anything is possible!

So if I am in and out over the next several weeks, that is why.  I am soaking up the sun, being thrown in the lake, riding horses, sleeping on a rubber mat, and remembering what it was like to be a scared but excited little 8 year old girl going to camp for the first time.  So bear with me!  I will be back as often as I can and have yet more AWESOME giveaways lined up!


Chris@Earth Friendly Goodies said...

Sounds liek a balst (hmmm I mean sounds like a blast - that big clap of thunder must have shaken the keyboard) Hope you aren't stuck in this fun thunder storm we're having - although if you are tucked safe in a camp cabin perhaps it would be fun.

We're looking forward to a little camping trip to Gooseberry Falls near Superior pretty soon, I'm hoping our luck with rain storms changes for this one... our last several camping trips have been a little on the wet side. :)

Anonymous said...
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Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...

Chris- You've probably already had your trip, I hope it was a good one! The weather has been great the past couple of weeks so that's likely. We did get hit by a few storms at camp, but a good rainy/stormy day from time to time can be a lot of fun because it means we get to go MUD HOPPING the next day! I've never been dirtier or had more fun in my life.