Friday, July 1, 2011

My House Needs Help!

The first project I want to undertake is one I feel I need to do out of necessity.   We need new back doors!

Right now we have two sliding glass doors that lead onto our back porch- one from the kitchen (hidden by the awning) and one from the master bedroom (seen in the picture).  Only, they are old, rusted, and are very difficult to open.  The one in the master bedroom comes off its tracks constantly and I can just see if falling off and shattering into a million pieces!  So I'd like to fix them before this happens.

Here are the options:
-Nice French Doors.  Maybe try to find a set that reflect the period of the house?
-French Doors with Doggy Door.  We have three dogs... enough said!
-New Sliding Glass Doors.  Lighter and with screens this time, so we can keep them open when it's warm out!

If you were me, which would you choose and why?  I'd really love to hear your feedback.

Also, does anyone know what I can do with the old doors?  The tracks are spent, I don't think they can be repaired.  But the door themselves are still in relatively good condition, just way too heavy for our home.  Can I donate to Habitat for Humanity or another organization?

And once that's done we can finally paint the back and re-finish the deck!


Margaret Wolf said...

I love your house...I have always loved Bungalow style. If it were me, I would chose french doors. The ones that open onto the deck keep as just French Doors, but the ones off the kitchen add the doggy door. Good Luck and enjoy your remodeling!


Sommer said...

French doors coming off the master and a sliding off the kitchen.

I think french doors off the master because it will give it a more open, romantic feel. Hang some sheer white curtains over them for privacy and I think that would look wonderful.

Slider off the kitchen for more air flow. When your cooking, or it gets a little warm in there you can easily open the slider have the screen to keep bugs/animals outside.

From the picture you posted above, I think painting the porch white with some hand rails would really give it nice bright clean look.

Just my .02 though.

marty rollo said...

refurbish them to make an outdoor counter or table.

Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...

Thank you for your suggestions!

Sommer, I was actually leaning the other way around for the doors- slider in the bedroom and french off the kitchen. The main reason being (and something I should have mentioned) the master bedroom was an... um... interesting add on. There is only one open-able window and it's in the bathroom. I would love to be able to open the door and get airflow going through the bedroom. But also we are going to replace the two non-opening windows so in the long run that won't be a huge deal.

Oh, another quick thing, the deck is designed so that you're supposed to be a hot tub on the left of the staircase there... only we don't have a hot tub! But that's why there are no hand rails on that part and something we'll get to. The part under the awning does have rails.

Marty- We actually did that with an old door we took off the barn! You can't see it in the pic because it's under the awning, but it came out really nice. I'll look into doing it again with the glass.

Margaret- I love it, too! It's exactly what I pictured when I imagined my dream home.

Rosie said...

I'd love to see the old door you repurposed like @Marty mentioned! I'm trying my hardest to keep things out of the trash and find another use for them instead, it's tough but I'm making it work.

Check out this site for some suggestions on what to do with those old doors, they don't specifically mention them in this article but you might find an idea somewhere else on the site

If you don't come across anything else, I'm sure Habitat or some other charity would love them.