Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introducing... Our Home!

That's it.  The thing that has had me so overwhelmed for the last couple of months.  That is our home.  It's technically a home we share with Cody's Dad (he lives in separate home on the property) but it's still our home, and I love it.

I can't really figure out when it was built, but Cody's Dad insists it was sometime in the late 1800s (at least, the main home and the barn were built then).  It has 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and much more space then we currently need!  But I'm hoping soon we can fill it with loved ones and maybe even the pitter patter of little feet.

But I'm getting ahead of myself!  For now, it's just us and our three dogs (oh yeah, we've added two dogs into the mix!  You'll meet them soon) and a home that needs a lot of TLC!

More pictures coming once we get everything unpacked and clean!


Pinching Abe said...

Your local court house would be able to help you determine the age of the home. Most of the time, you can tell by the first time they levy tax on a house vs. just the land ;) Title searches typically only go back 60 years, so if your home is older than that, you wouldn't know from anything related to your home purchase. Sometimes cities keep their own records. It doesn't hurt to ask if you're really curious ;) Congrats on the new abode.

Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...

Well the official documents all say 1914, but we believe 1914 was when the guest house was built. The house itself pre-dates the town (hence why is has a barn and why it's closer to the road then what is legally allowed these days). The previous owner was the great-grand daughter of the man who built the home and she insists it was built in the 1890s. But she was also a little eccentric from what I understand so it's very possible it was only built in 1914. I am interesting in investigating more to find out!