Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bubbles of Love - Costumer Discounters Review

I thought I'd also bring to you some ideas for some great Valentine's Day gifts that are not associated with a giveaway.  These are just some fun (and sometimes entertaining!) ideas of some not-so-obvious gifts that you can get for your loved one!

So now I'm going to tell you a bit about I know what you're thinking- how can a costume shop give me an idea for a good Valentine's Day gift?  Well, ladies, if your man is anything like mine he likes... um... Halloween.  :)  So why not give him a special sexy treat by picking up a special sexy outfit and give him a little show (and maybe a little thrill) for Valentine's Day? has a whole section titled "Sexy Costumes" where you can gather ideas and find a great costume for you to wear as a gift for your man!  From school girls to French maids to sexy nurses this costume shop has them all!  They even have some fun and not so obvious ideas like beer girl and cowgirl costumes!

I had the opportunity to get a costume from to review for you.  I always like to keep with the theme of my blog and when I came across the Sexy Go Green Girl costume I thought "perfect!".  And it really is.  This costume is great!  It looks just like it looks on the website- bright, vibrant, and fun.  It says "I recycle boys, all the bad ones get thrown in the dump".  In case you are wondering, yes, my man LOVED this costume!  He kept asking me "Is it Go Green Girl night?"  Yeah, he's a nerd like me.

My one complaint is the sizing.  I am a size 5-7 so I picked the Small-Medium size which is supposed to fit sizes 6-10 so I thought it was a pretty safe bet.  However, what I didn't take into account is that I am actually a bit taller than the average female.  So while it fit me just fine around, I had to yank and tug to get it to go down around my bottom.  This costume is supposed to be a bit high in the back, but in my case it's just a little *too* high for comfort.  So needless to say this costume will NOT be my Halloween costume next year because it would be illegal for me to wear it out in public.  :)  So if you are above, say, 5'7, I would opt to get the Medium-Large size.  Luckily for me, I didn't get this costume to be a Halloween costume and my boy doesn't seem to mind that my booty sticks out a bit.

So head on over to today and take a look around and find that perfect sexy costume to spice things up a little for your man this Valentine's Day!  The Go Green Girl Costume would be great for you eco-friendly ladies and for just $29.97 (it's on clearance!) it's also a frugal choice!

What I Love: has a HUGE variety of costumes!  I spent about 45 minutes of the website just browsing trying to pick the perfect costume to review before I stumbled upon the Go Green Girl costume.  You could easily spend hours there and still not see everything they have to offer.  And it's not just sexy costumes, either!  They have baby, children, teen, men, and women's costumes along with a wide variety of accessories, props, wigs, and hats.  They even have a pet costume section if you're like me and enjoy driving your pets insane once a year.  Haha!  The prices are also very reasonable.

What I Don't Love: That I don't have enough excuses to buy more costumes.  Seriously, who decided there should only be one costume-related holiday?  I think we need AT LEAST 3!

There is no giveaway associated with this review. provided me with a free product for the purpose of this review though I was not required to write a review in exchange for the free item.  All opinions are my own.  I was not paid to write this review.

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