Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Card Time With SimplyToImpress

It's Holiday Card time, again!  I will admit, I do not do Holiday Cards right now.  Mostly because my parents still put in the effort every year to write up a paragraph for me in their Christmas card and send it out to everyone we know so I really don't have to.  However, after seeing all of the beautiful Holiday Card options at SimplyToImpress I really think I will be doing cards next year!

No, Holiday Cards aren't really eco-friendly.  However, I will say that sometimes exceptions to living an eco-friendly life can be made.  Sharing joy and happiness with friends and family during the Holiday season are one of these exceptions in my book.  It's once a year, I know that my family keeps Christmas cards on display throughout that year, and it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away.

SimplyToImpress has Hanukkah cards, Christmas cards, Kwanzaa cards, New Years cards, general Happy Holidays cards, even Babies First Holiday cards!  What I love about SimplyToImpress compared to the many other holiday card companies out there is that they give you the option to add 2, 3, sometimes even 4 or 5 images to your cards in a neat and elegant manner.  Also there is such a wide variety of cards available so you are sure to find the card design and appearance that fits your family and personality best.  My personal favorite is the Christmas Bell card because it allows you to leave a note for your friends and family and the Light 'n Bright design because it's a little more fun and unique.

SimplyToImpress is more than just a holiday card shop, too!  Birth Announcement, Invitations (got a big Holiday Party coming up!?), and Thank You cards also have their place in this wonderful and creative online card shop.  Their cards are available in a variety of sizes and paper styles to meet your needs AND your budget.  Another unique thing about SimplyToImpress is that they offer you the ability to add photos and text on the BACK of the cards in addition to the front and inside (for folded card styles).   I was really impressed with their selection of adorable Birth Announcements and Adoption Announcements... I'll have to remember this for the future!  :)

But that's not all!  SimplyToImpress also offers envelopes in four different styles and return addressing to make sending your cards to your friends and family quick and easy.  Their products are ready within days and sent to you in a beautiful gift box that really impressed me!  I must say, it was the best delivery of any product I've ever received!

I hope to use SimplyToImpress someday myself!  This spring I am planning a baby shower for a friend and I love their selection of Baby Shower Invitations, especially the Beach Baby invite (because this particular baby was made in Hawaii) and the Bird's Nest invite because it's beautiful, simple, and great for a shower where the baby's gender is not known.

So if you haven't ordered your Holiday cards yet, have a Holiday Party coming up, or are celebrating a new baby this Holiday season, head on over to SimplyToImpress to check out their great selections of cards and invitations to meet your needs!

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Mavis Hayes said...

Great review! I totally like the way to highlighted the holiday photo cards. Thanks and God bless you.