Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Samsung Reclaim: Why I Bought Sprint's Eco-Friendly Phone and Why I Upgraded

I've actually been meaning to tell you about this cell phone for MONTHS now and kept forgetting.  So in light of my recent review I thought I'd bring it up now.  Back in January I heard about the Samsung Reclaim, an eco-friendly phone from Samsung for use on the Sprint network.  I had just switched to Sprint a year before and needed a new phone (my old one went for a swim) so I jumped at the chance to have an eco-friendly cell phone!

Sometime before this I was taking an online survey on Opinion Outpost on eco-friendly phones.  Like, how I would feel about phones made from corn-based plastic, recyclable materials, even bamboo!  With features like solar power recharging and improved, safer battery systems.  I got excited about the prospect of a more eco-friendly cell phones, and luckily I didn't have to wait long as just a few short months later, I had my Samsung Reclaim in my hands.

So what makes this phone eco-friendly?  80% of the materials used in the Samsung Reclaim are recyclable and 40% of the phones casing is made out of bio-plastic material derived from corn (corn-based plastic, as I like to say).  The phone uses standard batteries and a standard charging system, but hey!  It's a start, right?  (And for the record, a Hybrid Charger is available through the Sprint Website.)  So I gladly got this phone when I needed a new one even though it was not an "upgrade" from what I had been using (Samsung Instinct).

Overall, I was happy with my phone for basic things.  It made calls, it received messages, and I could check my email.  However, on a professional level, I was left really needing my laptop with this phone.  I run three businesses out of my home and this requires a need for instant internet access on demand.  The Samsung Reclaim fell short on internet access to the point where I'm just going to declare that the browser on the phone is worthless.  It would run out of memory before it loaded even one page even when it has access to the 3G network.

So while the businesswoman in my appreciated that I would get new email alerts on the phone just moments after the email arrived in my inbox, I did not enjoy needing to run to my computer in order to check on a product price or even look at my Etsy account.  So, two weeks ago, I upgraded to the Sanyo Zio.

The Sanyo Zio is not eco-friendly but it's a 3G phone that allows me access to the Droid network.  I unfortunately had to sacrifice personal comfort on the device I was using (something eco-friendlier than most) for the convenience I needed to run my businesses.  However, if all I needed was a cell phone- something where I could make phone calls, check email, and easily update my Facebook, I would have remained happy with my Samsung Reclaim for as long as the phone would last!  So if this is all you need, why not head over to Sprint and check it out!  Only $29.99 with an upgrade!

And while there you can also check out Sprint's Green Initiatives which seems to be ahead of the game right now when compared to other carriers from what I can tell.  Though Verizon is about to take this title with the announcement of an eco-friendly Droid phone at CTIA 2010.  It will be interesting to see how the future of cell phones merges with the current eco-friendly movement here in America and around the world.  For now our options are limited, but I am hoping that by the time I need a new phone again I will be able to have a bamboo Droid phone with access to the 4G network in my hands!

Of course, I have to say, the most eco-friendly cell phone option is no cell phone at all!


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