Thursday, November 25, 2010

Etsy Coupon Codes

I will admit I have been neglecting my Etsy Shop a bit lately.  With my photography business being so busy I just haven't had time to make more wipes and towels and really promote it.  But I just headed over there to look for some Holiday Gift Ideas and I noticed they made a big change- COUPON CODES!!!

You can now create a coupon code for you Etsy shop to share with customers.  Before now most "coupons" meant having to refund the buyer after purchase but not anymore.  This is great news you guys since it means more Etsy shops may be willing to provide you with valuable money saving coupons!

And since I haven't had much action in my shop lately, I figured why not test out this new feature myself?

I am having a 4-day sale!  Starting today over at the Eco-Friendly and Frugal Shoppe that will run through Sunday you can save 15% by entering coupon code "ECOFRIENDLY" at check-out!

Right now I only have terry/flannel UnPaper Towels in stock and very limited amount, but they would make a great gift since they are extremely versatile and I try to find appealing fabrics.  Since there's a limited stock you may want to order soon!


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