Monday, October 25, 2010

Co-Ops... Not Just For Produce!

It's been a few weeks since I've been able to get a Bountiful Basket.  I decided to switch the week I bought my basket on so I could have the option of getting an organic basket.  In order to do that I had to go three weeks between baskets instead of two.  But it was well worth the wait!

Saturday was crazy so I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my produce, but I figured that if you've seen one picture of produce, you've seen them all!  Instead, I wanted to share with you one of the awesome bonuses that my co-op had to offer this week... cookies and frosting!

In honor of Halloween coming up Bountiful Basket offered Bat, Ghost, Frankenstein, and Pumpkin cookies complete with green, orange, black, and white frosting!  I had a blast on Saturday decorating cookies to bring over to our friend's house for Football Sunday! 

Sorry for the bad cell-phone quality!  And this is only about half of the cookies I got for just $10 Don't they look like fun?  They were delicious, too!  Admittedly, I am a HORRIBLE cookie decorator but I think I did OK with these.  The frosting was extremely easy to work with.  Btw, the one that says "RIP Marcus" was a "gift" to our Fantasy Football opponent this week because we were joking going to "kill" him this week (we lost, btw!).

The guys really loved them.  By the 4:15 games they were gone. 

I love my co-op because they always offer little add-ons like these.  As you've seen we really enjoy teh 9-grain bread and the Mexico pack over here.  Plus all of the extra mangoes and peaches!  This last week they had pomegranites which I didn't buy simple because my freezer is still full of peaches, and a tortilla pack that I actually wish I had gotten because we love making quesadillas!  So hopefully it's offered again in two weeks!

So if you belong to a co-op or even CSA, why not ask if they have any add ons or extra perks you can take advantage of.  Cookies were just a small thing but brough me a lot of joy in decorating them and being able to present them to our friends.  And sometimes it's those simple things that make life so great!

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Oh those look so yummy... i made some popcorn balls for my little guy for school. I am liking you on gfc and have your rss feed... coming over from THIS for That and doing my part for the mom blog family please like me back