Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big Things!

Where to begin? I have a few very important and exciting things to share with you today!

First, I just got word that I am one of the 30 finalists in Ecover's 30 Under 30 Contest! I am now in the running to win the Grand Prize and be THE 30 Under 30 Contest winner! The voting opens on Monday and closes on Friday and I would really appreciate your votes! Of course, I will be hosting what I think will be the BEST giveaway I've ever hosted starting on MONDAY and tie that into this. So be sure to come on back as the giveaway prize is an extremely useful item that retails for $250! And also be sure to check out the other 29 finalists and see all of the amazing things the under 30 crowd is doing to help the environment!

Second, and this sort of relates to the first thing, I am participating in the Winter Wonderland Blog Carnival!  This event is being hosted over at Momma Told Me alongside Confessions of an Overworked Mom and will feature over 70 giveaways and $3,400 worth of prizes (including my awesome $250 giveaway!).  There will be a TON of winners and a TON of prizes!  The Carnival runs November 1-7 so be sure to check back every day next week so see all of the giveaways. 

Next, I just learned that Moby Wrap, who is genorously sponsoring a giveaway of an Organic Moby Wrap on my blog right now, has been nominated in the Slings and Carriers of KIWI Magazine’s 2011 Baby Gear Awards. The winners are announced in a future issue of KIWI—in the case of the Baby Gear Awards, February/March 2011. They could really use your help to earn this fabulous recognition! Voting for the 2011 Baby Gear Awards is currently under way — the polls close on Thursday, November 11th. So head on over today and show Moby Wrap some love!

Finally, I have decided to set a goal for my blog.  I actually set this goal this summer and am about to reach it so I thought I'd ask for your help.  My blog's one year anniversary is coming up in mid-November and my goal is to have 1,000 Followers by my anniversary!  So if you could help me out by telling your friends and blog readers about the Ecover 30 Under 30 giveaway and the Winter Wonderland Carnival to help me acheive this goal I would really appreciate it!  Or just come over and show your support your own way.  Thank you in advanced... only 47 more followers to go!


Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Wahoo!! Congrats!

I will put up a FB post on Monday! Can't wait to see your big giveaway :)

Fawn said...

hello I voted for you on 30 under 30 !! lol best of luck!!